Mexican Food Restaurants

Mexican Food Restaurants – Where do you want to eat tonight?

Say, “Mexican food” and most people will automatically start salivating. Whether it refers to Mexican, Southwestern, or Tex-Mex cuisine, the favorite adjective is always “delicious.” From the smallest towns in America to the busiest cities across the country, foods from the great Southwest and south of the border are at the top of favorite restaurant lists.

Your Authentic Mexican Food Guide

Of course, there is a difference between Mexican and Southwestern foods, although we often put them together and say “Let’s go to Mexico.” The difference is in the use of jalapeno peppers or green or red peppers. And then there is the Tex-Mex which tends to be spicier than the Mexican. And the Santa Fe style is usually the spiciest of all because they use more and hotter chilies. Are you traveling in the southwestern part of the country? Be prepared to answer “Red or Green?” Order your sauce on the side if you think it will be too spicy. Do you want to sound like an expert? Answer, “Christmas” (red and green).

We all know that pizza is still one of the mainstays of the American diet and “Let’s get Chinese” is a refrain repeated throughout the country in millions of homes, but “Let’s go Mexicans tonight” is still an option that surpasses the rest. , considered a special selection – a little more adventurous – a little more festive. There are great reasons to feel that dining at a good Mexican restaurant is something special, whether it’s Southwest, Tex-Mex, Santa Fe, or just plain Mexican. For our purposes, let’s call it “Mexican Style.”

1) First of all, most of the Mexican style restaurants in our country stay in the reasonable price range. You know that places like Grille and Cantina near your home are not going to cost an arm and a leg and the payoff will be of great value and good taste. In these days of a struggling economy and the need to save, ordering Mexican food for dinner is a wise choice. You can even enjoy a selection of appetizers and leave completely satisfied for almost a “little change.” And the highest priced item on the menu is surprisingly low cost.

2) Most Mexican-style menus are enormously varied and feature a vast array of seemingly endless options. Typically, there is something on those large menus at most Mexican restaurants that will suit the most discerning palate.

Menu offerings range from carnitas (tender pieces of pork, slow roasted with chili peppers and onions) to quesadillas (large flour tortillas filled with cheese, chicken, etc.). Have you ever tried Chicken Diabla (a chicken breast sauteed with zucchini, yellow squash, red onion, and diced tomatoes in a chipotle cream sauce)? Delicious! And of course there’s Flan (the ultimate Mexican-style custard dessert), comparable to Crème Brule in top restaurants.

3) If you have a Margarita or a glass of wine with your dinner, you will experience the perfect culinary experience. Even specialty Mexican beers will complement the meal, just as fine wine accompanies the fancier menu. Would you order wine at the Chinese restaurant in the mall at the end of the street? It just doesn’t seem to “go away.” But wine, beer, or margaritas aren’t just available, they’re part of the charm of the Southwestern Mexican / culinary adventure style. You can even find a restaurant that offers Wine Night Specials.

4) The latest trend in Mexican-style dining is catering events. Some Mexican-style restaurants now offer catering services for our special American celebrations, birthday parties, family reunions, and yes, even weddings! You choose the place and they will bring you all that delicious food, prepare it and serve it with style. What a great party it can be. Mexican-style food is the same as having a celebration on the minds of many and while the celebration table will be loaded with a wide variety of delicious selections, the cost is sure to be far less than any other catering service you can find. .

5) Special events. Cinco de Mayo isn’t the only event you’ll see advertised at your local Mexican-style restaurant. Some establishments have mariachi bands that appear regularly (kids love them). Or you can find a special Margarita night. Or Wine Night Specials that include dinner. A Mexican restaurant in Fairfax, Virginia even celebrates St. Patrick’s Day! The special events offered by your local restaurateur are worth seeing. These events make the food really special, something you won’t find when you go for pizza or Chinese food.

6) Dine on the patio under the stars. In good weather, some Mexican establishments offer dining on the patio, either covered or uncovered. Talk about the environment! The atmosphere is positively pleasant and relaxing as music floats outside to lull diners into a state of euphoria. Good food, a happy celebration, and nightly lights and music can make this dining experience something you’ll return to time and time again.

7) To top it all, Mexican food is healthy! Fresh veggies for salads and side dishes (and we all know about the value of veggies), avocado for the guacamole dip (high on everything!), Beans for the refried ones (for fiber), and lots of protein. Delicious and healthy too – the perfect combination.

Why Mexican food? 

We count the many ways. As you experience the culinary adventures of southwestern and south-of-the-border cuisine, you can create your own list of positives to add to this unique Experiment – choose the Mexican style and check out the subtle and not-so-subtle differences. And try this. When your family asks, “Where should we eat tonight?” response, “Let’s go Mexican!”